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If The World Hates Me. . .

Mar 3, 2018

On the other side of the world, it can be costly to be a believer. Christians who gather together in churches and schools live with the risk of real persecution. Jesus said if the world hates Him, it will hate His children, too. Never underestimate how merciless that hatred toward Jesus can be.

This video puts a vivid face on that persecution as it shows the violence of Hindu radicals and even the Indian police toward Christians gathering to worship and educate children in India.

Hindu persecution 2


     Think about the love and faith these Christians have for the Lord. Persecution has a way of sifting out true commitment to Christ. We have it so easy in the U.S., yet many Christians here won’t even share their faith. We need to be thankful for the protection and safety we have in our country and take advantage of our freedoms to reach the lost. We also need to stay vigilant in prayer and remember that persecution can unexpectedly break out in the U.S. someday as well. Remember to plant and water, in season and out of season, in times of hardship and in times of plenty.

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