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Heavenly Headlines

Oct 5, 2018


     Over the summer, this lady wrote in with a few of her personal outreaches to the lost. She took the challenge to put her faith into action, and she’s making a big difference as she reaches one person at a time. She wrote:

Hi Mark,

     Let me tell you about some of my favorite outreaches that I started all by myself! 🙂

1. You remember how I told you I used to organize outreaches to the strip clubs? Well, I used to put together hundreds of gift bags for those girls that included a nice gift of lotion or a candle and a tract in each gift bag. I would take two other sisters with me, and we would go out to East St. Louis from about midnight until 3 in the morning. That is one of the most dangerous places you can go in the US, but God was with us in a mighty way. I know He’s going to save those girls. I was inspired to do that because of two former prostitutes in California and Las Vegas who started similar outreaches.

2. I personally emailed about 500 prostitutes online and shared the gospel with them!!

3. For a while, I was on Yahoo Answers and shared the gospel with at least a couple hundred people there.

4. One of the outreaches that I’m sooo happy about was something I started in response to the rejection of my tracts! It was the Jewish people in St Louis. So I decided to make beautiful handmade Hanukkah cards, and I included testimonies of Jewish people who have come to Jesus. I painstakingly looked up Jewish names and addresses in St Louis and sent out about 400 of them!

5. I also experienced rejection of my tracts from Muslims, so I found the best way to reach them! I got a hundred copies of a video which showed five testimonies of Muslims who have come to Christ. I gave away all one hundred of them!

6. I shared the gospel on Facebook with about 1,000 people across the world! I was having amazing conversations with ISIS fighters in the Middle East, sharing the gospel with them. I was also sharing the gospel with Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and more.

7. On a trip to Paris, the Lord gave me opportunities to share tracts in many languages with people from all over the world.

8. And in St Louis, I didn’t even keep track of all the hundreds of people I reached through tracts.

     God is so good!!!!! I feel so overwhelmingly blessed by all the opportunities He has given me in my life. And all this was sparked by Mark Cahill. 🙂 🙂 🙂 God bless him!



     It’s not every day I receive an email like this, so I wrote her back and asked how the ministry had spurred her on. She replied:

     It was 2009 when I watched a YouTube video of you preaching at Taylor University. God used that to convict me, when you said, “If you don’t care enough to do something, believe me, you don’t care.” I couldn’t get away from that! God is so good! 

     Please pray for me and my husband as we desire to start working among the beggars of India. He is there now, and I am in the states until our babies are born. We are expecting twins!! My husband just got a job. He will be making $200 per month to support me and him and his parents and our babies. On that income we cannot do anything as far as our ministry. But we know God is going to provide!! He always provides the means when He calls us. 

     God bless you!!  

     —Ashley and Raja


     Here’s that video if you would like to watch it.



Luke 15:7

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

      When the news of one sinner who repents hits the streets of gold, the angels rejoice! Think about the praise that’s going on in Heaven as we speak. What ideas are you going to come up with for outreach in your area? Since the salvation of souls is newsworthy in Heaven, let’s make the heavenly headlines along with Ashley and her husband Raja. When we are in Heaven, it won’t be a time of fake news! Only real news and real people will be there. And the best news will be seeing Jesus Christ and all of those saved souls for all of eternity!

Until the Nets are Full,



P.S.  Not only is there rejoicing in Heaven, but there is rejoicing in this life as well!

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