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God’s Design for Society – Feedback

Jun 10, 2022


We thought that last Monday night’s newsletter titled “God’s Design for Society” would generate a lot of feedback, and it did! If you haven’t read it yet, I think you will like it. You can read it at the link below:



Here are some of the comments we received from people who wrote in with their thoughts:

Ern and I read each newsletter you send our way. We pray about the topics and the people you discuss. This one, especially, was dear to my heart. I have, for several years, been so very sad for what women have become. Being the tomboy, as I grew up on our horse farm and in school and college sports, I never lost what my mom and dad instilled in me―to be a lady first. Although I excelled in many sports and won trophies and ribbons in horseback riding, I never took the strength that God gave to me and used it to act stronger than a man. Although, many a student I came across were a bit weaker (just saying), I didn’t show it outright and just kept it to myself. Anyway, I always appreciated the Church Family I grew up in that held to wearing a dress and acting like a lady. Actually, the public school at that time had a dress code as well for the young gents and ladies. Okay, enough of me. I just really appreciate that someone (YOU) somewhere out there (Georgia) still believes in ladies acting like ladies. So appreciated the article and will pray that these young “led-astrays” will come to know God’s will for their precious lives.

Love and prayers always sent your way.

Debbie and Ernie


You were right about EVERYTHING in this newsletter!! Finally, someone agrees with me! I was feeling like a single voice in all of this. I used to say that having our children in public school was good because it kept the schools from being too full of unbelievers, but that was a different time and our children are not strong enough to fight the evil there now! College is worse! You are spot on about women and careers, sports and boxing, taxes — everything!

Thank you for spreading these truths!



When I first read your latest email, I didn’t know where you were going with the women pugilist, Katie Taylor. Immediately, I was enraged that this woman would take the most holy Word of God and place it on her exit channel. How degrading to our Creator! Oh, how I long for holiness . . . 

I told my husband, who is 20 years my junior, that with the way that women dress today, back in the ’60s, they would have been considered prostitutes.

Secondly, we work with TBI/concussion patients in our clinic, including NFL players. The majority of them said it was not worth it, looking back. We had a younger player who just wanted to get back in the game. Choose your poison, son.  

Appreciate you, brother.



Dear Brother,

I love THE TRUTH! I was not offended at all. I was very happy to read this, as I find myself in a small minority who know these things are true.

It’s such a hot topic in the churches, and we both know the many reasons why.

Keep on telling us THE TRUTH, and I will keep forwarding IT on to others for you and me.

Those of us with ears to hear rejoice in THE TRUTH with you!

I pray, very soon, you/we will hear our LORD JESUS say “The nets are full. Now, come on HOME.” I look forward to meeting you there!




I think this newsletter is totally spot on. I never worked outside of the home until all of my kids were gone, and my job is a ministry!



Hi Brother Mark!
Great teaching on the ideal roles of men and women within the family unit, though I did have one reservation. I would have left this section out: “Men are supposed to be providers for their wife and children. Do you know what an infidel is? Trust me; you don’t want to be an infidel.”
As noted, many families need two incomes. Some godly families work just fine with the woman working (because she has the better paying job) and the man staying home raising the kids and taking care of the housework. While it might not be ideal, it sure shouldn’t be frowned upon. As long as the bills get paid and the kids are raised in the nurture of the Lord and His Word, I don’t think anyone has the right to say otherwise. I would at least try and acknowledge these facts.
This is one of those rare Biblical topics where culture does need to be considered. The first-century agrarian economic society is much, much different than our 21st century, first-world economy. 
It’s one thing to say that this is how the Lord would like us to do things, which He most certainly does, and quite another to tell others that if they do things a little differently that they’re infidels. In the above example the family is being provided for, economically and spiritually, which is what God ultimately desires. 
All in all, though, it is an important teaching for the body of Christ. Keep up the great work for our God and Savior, Jesus Christ!




Regarding the content of this newsletter, RIGHT ON, Mark! I was a feminist in the mid-1970s (B.C.) and that led to my divorce. I swallowed all that garbage and felt I could manage life with my two little boys WITHOUT their dad, which is one of the top of the many regrets of my life. But, after surrendering my life to Jesus Christ in 1998 (my oldest son led me to the Lord), ALL of my views on EVERYTHING CHANGED! (A new creation, hallelujah!)  I won’t go on and on, but I think this e-newsletter is extremely important and appropriate for women today, especially followers of Christ! 




Interestingly, I thought we would get a lot more negative feedback on the newsletter. I’m kind of surprised we didn’t. Sometimes, people don’t want to shoot off a negative email, so that might be some of it. But considering that the majority of responses were positive, it gives me a lot of hope. Maybe there are more people out there that want to hold to the biblical standards than I anticipated. That is good sign. Just as Beth wondered whether she was a single voice out there, maybe there are many voices like ours. Maybe we just aren’t speaking up enough or don’t want to ruffle the feathers of folks. But, as you can tell in our society right now, there is a lot of ruffling going on. Let’s make sure we are ruffling things up in a biblical way in the days to come.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  Here’s a great comment about how the Lord used One Heartbeat Away when Doug’s brother needed it the most. Keep giving materials out to friends, family, and those you meet. You never know how the Lord will use them or when they will read what you give them.




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