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Go, Stand, Speak, and Sue If You Have To

Jun 27, 2020


One of the things we must do is stand up for our rights. Now, the legal process isn’t fun. There have had some issues in the area where I live with witnessing in malls and on our subway system. I have even had to get lawyers involved. It happens at times. Not a ton of fun, but it really is a must. Why? Remember, life isn’t always about you. When you stand up for these rights, then it is easier for those who come along behind you. There is a great chance the police won’t mess with them because you stood your ground, and now they know what the law allows.

I made a stand at a park I go to a lot. The police and I were disagreeing about something. Got my lawyers involved. It ended up being decided in our favor. Now when others are out at the same park, the police leave them alone. They know what soul winners can legally do there. 

Acts 5:20

Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.

Here’s an article from the Pacific Justice Institute. They successfully defended a man’s right to speak publicly at a park in Portland, OR. Because Mark Mayberry took a stand, he and others who witness at this park will likely not be troubled by the officers again.


PORTLAND, OR – The Pacific Justice Institute has successfully negotiated a settlement of street evangelist Mark Mayberry’s federal lawsuit against the City of Portland. The Portland City Council approved the $50,000 settlement on Wednesday in a meeting held via video conferencing due to COVID-19 concerns.

“The City of Portland unfortunately has a well-earned reputation for being hostile toward Christians who share their views in the public square,” said Ray D. Hacke, PJI’s Oregon-based staff attorney. “But throughout our negotiations, the City’s attorney sincerely expressed that Portland truly wants to be a better, more tolerant city. Approving the settlement is an important step in that direction,” quoted Hacke.

The incident giving rise to this case occurred almost one year ago on June 1, 2019: While at Portland’s Waterfront Park, Mayberry, holding a sign defending the unborn, passing out related tracts, and engaging people in conversations about abortion and the gospel, was confronted by a park officer who ordered him to leave. When Mayberry refused, asserting his constitutionally protected right of free speech, the park officer issued Mayberry a citation excluding him from the park for 30 days.

Although Portland’s City Auditor ultimately overturned the exclusion, Mayberry was rightfully concerned about being harassed again should he ever return to share his views in Portland, which is already subject to a federal injunction prohibiting the City from infringing on individuals’ free speech rights. Hence, the lawsuit and PJI’s involvement in protecting Mayberrry’s rights. City representatives testified at Wednesday’s hearing that Portland’s police and park officers are receiving training to ensure that future infringements on free speech rights will not occur, which was Mayberry’s ultimate goal.

“This is a huge win – not just for Mark Mayberry, but for the freedoms of speech and religion in Oregon,” PJI President Brad Dacus said. “It’s never too late for a city to commit itself to changing for the better and upholding constitutional rights, as they are obligated to do. I applaud the City of Portland for being truly repentant and making things right with Mark Mayberry.”



We are all in this together as a team. Help those who are coming up behind you so they can get the gospel to as many people as possible.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. We have seen a lot of police officers stay silent in the last few weeks as protesters are hurling all kinds of insults their way. I think we just found a police officer that needs to be on the frontline of every city in America!!



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