Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Finish Well

Nov 20, 2021


I had an interesting request the other day. A woman of the Lord was turning 80, and her son let me know that what she really wanted for her 80th birthday was to have lunch with Mark Cahill!! Well, well. Seems like an odd request to me. I have lunch with myself every day, and there are tons of things much more fun than that!

Since one of the fun things my mom and I used to do was have lunch together, I knew I couldn’t turn this request down. So I moseyed on up to Tennessee for a lunch with Nancy and Robert. What a fun time we had!


I was curious to know how she found out about the ministry. She told me that she was in a second-hand bookstore one day looking for books about Heaven. She had been reading different books on the subject, and when she saw the title One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven, it caught her eye.

She was floored as she read the book. She didn’t know. She just didn’t realize that you can’t reach the lost once you get to Heaven. So what did she do with that new information? She now shares her faith all the time! She told me some fascinating stories about witnessing to people who have come to their house to do work, etc. She is a bold lady for the Lord.

The other thing she has resolved to do is not keep what she’s learned about witnessing to herself. She is not going to withhold it from others. She has given away hundreds of copies of One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and just ordered another case! Nancy is making sure every believer she knows and all of her family knows the importance of soul winning.

One interesting statement she made during lunch was, “I wish I would have known this 20 years ago.” Nope. We don’t beat ourselves up as Christians. We finish the race well and make sure we have handed the baton of soul winning to those who come behind us.

And to top off the lunch, Nancy said she thought I was in my early 40s!! I know you are not supposed to fall in love with another man’s woman, but goodness, when someone says such nice things to you, how can you not?!!

Please pray for Jenn and Justin. They are two people we met at the restaurant. We had a fascinating conversation with each of them. Both of them had tattoos and all we said was, “Which one is your favorite tattoo?” Folks with tattoos always love telling you the story behind them. And that ususally opens the door for you to eventually start talking to them about the gospel. Each of them took books and booklets. They were very intrigued about the Jesus we were sharing with them.

1 Corinthians 9:24

Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

All right, folks. Finish the race well. The finish line is right up ahead!

Until the Nets are Full,



P.S. Need some pointers for how to have a robust conversation with the lost during the holidays? One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven has great tips for opening up and continuing those conversations in love. You want leave people thinking about what matters most―forgiveness in Christ, eternity in Heaven, and helping others to be saved as well.



P.P.S. The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven special is still going on.




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