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Feedback Modern Educayshun

Aug 11, 2018


     Thanks for all of the feedback that you gave us on last week’s newsletter, Modern Educayshun.  A good newsletter should get you thinking, and apparently, this one did that for many of you! Here are a few of the responses we received parents and professionals.


Graduating from College

     Here is a case where one son’s faith was completely destroyed after four years of college:


This newsletter really hit home for me. It’s one of the best things you have ever written. I made some major mistakes with my son. The funny part is that my son, Jonathan, bought me to God, and then he left God. Since going to college, he doesn’t believe in God or Jesus anymore.  While raising him, I believed in God and Jesus, but I wasn’t devoted to Him like I am now. My son went to college met some kids there, and now, he doesn’t believe and plays Dungeons and Dragons every chance he gets. He is 31 years old, and his life isn’t rich like it should be. I thought college was so important for him to finish. He completed four years and was on the dean’s list all four years.  Now his nickname at work is “Demon.” The I.D. badge he wears around his neck at work has a demon superimposed with a photo of his face over it. I pray every day that God will intervene. I wish, somehow, that you and him would bump into each other so you could witness to him. I try to talk to him about God, but he gets mad and shuts me down.

The ironic part is that Jonathan went to a private Christian school from 4th through 12th grade.  With all his high grades in college and his above average intelligence, I have noticed he isn’t happy in life. I can see how he has been greatly affected by turning his back on God. I always believed him to be intelligent and able to make “good” decisions, but I can see how he has lost the gift of discernment.  He hates his job that doesn’t pay a decent wage, but he won’t try to find another one. He works horribly long hours.  His health has declined rapidly. It used to be perfect when he walked with Christ. He now has high blood pressure and diabetes. His life has changed and become so dismal because of Christ not being a part of it.

Thank you so much for sending out this newsletter. I hope other parents will rethink where they send their kids to college. Please ask your readers to pray for him.


College or Career

     This homeschooling family is aware of the dangers of higher education and sees career as the preferred choice:

Thank you, Mark!

Your newsletter is timely as my oldest enters his senior year this year. I’m not sure that he will go to college. We’ve tried to make sure he knows he can be great with or without it. He has a very entrepreneurial and military career mindset.

Thankfully, though, we have a few Christian choices in the Tennessee area, should he choose a career where college is necessary. I can’t tell you the number of times people have looked at us in horror as we tell them, “We’re not sure our kids are going to college”. So, I thank you, as a parent, for encouraging us.

My kids have signed up to take an ACT prep course this year at our homeschool co-op. I struggled with signing them up because I don’t want to raise” sheeple” to be pushed through an educational mill.

Thankfully, we have had the opportunity to teach our children all of the very successful ways they can make a living without stepping foot inside of a college. My husband works in a bank and gets to see all walks of life. So he brings home all kinds of career stories. The best are the ones who started from the bottom and worked their way to the top.  One of the stories we’ve heard is about a guy in his thirties who fixes up used excavating machines (Bobcats, etc.) and sells them. He’s a millionaire now. He said, “I’d be retiring four years sooner if I hadn’t gone to college.”

We read your newsletters together with the kids.

Thanks again for all the tips and suggestions!



Educational Changes

     We had this former elementary teacher write it to say she left her career when reforms came to her school:

Dear Mark,

This newsletter really hits the very soul of my existence. I am a former school teacher of 35 years. I was so very sorry to retire before my time. A new principal came in and changed the atmosphere and the curriculum. Then the parents started running the building, sitting in on the lessons, advising us about what they thought was best for the students and on and on. One example I had was after I graded a simple, weekly spelling test, I was brought into the office and told not to use a red pen, not to use check marks to grade papers, and not to put a “minus 8” at the top of papers, but instead to use a friendly colored pen, circle the correct answers, place a “plus 2” at the top of the paper with “Good job, you got 2 out 10 correct.” There were so many absolutely ridiculous changes that I did not come back the following year. I miss my simple teachings: arithmetic, reading, writing, and incorporating Jesus into each and every lesson. I miss the precious, delicate innocence of a 7, 8, and 9 year-old soul that is willing to listen, ask questions, and receive the Word of God.

God’s blessings for all you do,



Education or Indoctrination 1

     The seeds of destruction have been planted in classrooms for many decades now. One lady tells what happened to her as a child:

WOW! That newsletter was so sad but true!!!! In 1962, when I was in 5th grade, I had a female teacher who pushed Women’s Lib. She lectured us on how women have always been treated as servants in the past and how being a stay-at-home (biblical) mom was the ultimate fool’s choice. Her rant was basically, “Anything he can do, we can do better.”  When she was finally done bashing men and replacing their “inadequacy” with “woman power,” she assigned a paper for us to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. And, of course, I missed the memo somehow. We turned in our papers and went outside for recess. My friend, Bonnie, and I wrote about our future dreams of being somebody’s wife and a whole bunch of peoples’ mommy! I described the red and white checkered curtains I would have in my kitchen, how my ironing board cover would be flowered, etc. Bonnie’s curtains would be blue and yellow. After recess, the teacher handed back our papers. Bonnie and I got the lowest grades, a C ―.  We cried. The ones who got an A+ were the girls who wrote about being police chiefs, army generals, president of USA, etc. I told my teacher that I did do the assignment correctly, and I still wanted to be a mom like my mom!  After that, for some reason, she put my desk in the corner.

A few weeks later, my mom found out about it and went to see the teacher. The next day, my desk was no longer in the corner and her arrogance pretty much melted away. I don’t know what my mom said or did, but I want to think that I did grow up to be like my mom who is a Titus 2:5 “keeper(s) at home.”

P.S.  To this day, my kitchen curtains are red and white checkered―always have been, always will be.  I have 5 kids. The girls I went to school with grew up, got married, and had kids, too.  I now have 18 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids with no end in sight!!  Who wants to be a police chief instead of having all of those riches!!!



     If you really don’t think they are coming for your kids, you are sadly mistaken.

Public Schools Bring in Drag Queens to

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