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Education or Indoctrination

Apr 22, 2021


I was chatting with a young lady across the street who told me her college finals are next week. It reminded me, one more time, of the importance to properly educate our kids during the tumultuous days we live in. Parents, as you begin to make choices about your children’s education for the coming school year, keep this in mind: It is either Education or Indoctrination. This is the choice it really comes down to.

What we are seeing with our woke corporations, woke media, and woke politicians is the product of the “Indoctrination System” we have had in America for decades. So, if you don’t want to be indoctrinated, get your education in a different way.



Homeschooling will always be the best option for educating students from elementary through high school. There are so many resources out there right now to help parents and grandparents with this option.

And be very, very careful of our university system in America as well. If the profession you want to pursue in life does not require a college degree, then don’t get one. We have seen too many young people carpet-bombed by the liberal lies out there. The Communist Left wants to destroy your kids. Don’t let them.

Remember, the social puppeteers of our day want to groom your kids to become the leaders of their new vision for America, and they are achieving it through a propagandized and activist education. What our children need is a proper education that will tell them the truth about history, so it doesn’t repeat itself. They need to be well versed in the Bible, so they can become servant leaders in their communities who seek the welfare of all men. Otherwise, you are left taking instruction from those who are influenced by these woke institutions.

Proverbs 4:13

Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.  We just received this letter from Gary, who is ready to hit the streets. Remember, to be a leader, you must be a reader.

Hi Mark, 

I love it! I just finished reading my first novel in 40-50 years―Paradise. I was delighted with how you wove the witnessing principles into the narratives you discuss in your non-fiction books.  I am looking forward to reading your next novel. You are helping me to summon up the courage to go downtown and witness. 

Donna has just finished reading One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven and she loved it, too.  I have given that book to several friends. Some of your tracts are now finding their way around Lancaster.

Blessings on you,

Remember, to be a leader, you must be a reader. To help you in your efforts to lead others to Christ, we have all of our books—English and Spanish—singles, bundles, and cases—available now for $6 per book!




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