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Do You Need a Special Heart to Be an Evangelist?

Jan 18, 2019


Various winds of teaching swirl around in churches, one of which suggests only certain Christians are called to be evangelists. Spiritual gift inventories or teachings that say only professionals are called to be evangelists can actually dampen your zeal, or worse yet, turn you away from reaching the lost. Jesus knows nothing of these. Instead, He says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”(Matthew 4:19). Simple.

Remember when you couldn’t wait to tell others about Jesus Christ? Every Christian can fan that early zeal and new heart to life every day. The lost are waiting to see if your love of the truth includes a love for them. Will we offer ourselves to the Lord for the sake of the gospel and the things of God? The world and those around you are watching to see your faith put into action.

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S. One of our readers who responded to last week’s “Choose Life” newsletter made a great point we wanted to share with you. We thought might come in handy when you talk with others:

Hi Mark,

I want to mention something in the context of abortion that I never hear mentioned. If an unborn child is “just a part of the body” of a “woman who can do whatever she wants with her own body,” I’d like to know just when that “lump of tissue” ceases to have the mother’s DNA & develops its own unique DNA? The fact that the unborn child has its own DNA from conception ought to settle that argument and strip abortion down to the fact that it is the premeditated murder by a unique person instead!

Praising Him,

Elizabeth H.

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