Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

“I just got out of prison where I was fortunate to be able to read all 7 of your books. You’re a phenomenal writer, especially in your readability. You have a way of writing that is very easy to read and not too technical, unlike any R. C. Sproul, Francis Shafer, or C. S. Lewis. I also love the way you come across as just an average Joe. You have relate-ability and humility, and obvious people skills. What I really admire is your passion for witnessing for Our Father and His only Begotten. Also your ministry and how you are igniting that same passion in so many others. God has blessed my spiritual life in a mighty way through your books and I thank Him for it.  And I thank you, Mark. I pray you continue to lay up crowns in Heaven, Amen! Thank you!”