Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

“We just returned from driving 3 hours each way to hear Mark Cahill speak in Bellingham, MA! It really was a great day!! I loaded up the church van with 14 teenagers. They were so inspired!! It was fun to hear the difference in their conversations between their ride to the conference as opposed to their ride home from the conference!! On the way back, the public-school kids were talking to each other about how, in light of eternity, it’s ridiculous to get upset if someone makes fun of you for being a Christian because what really matters is their soul.

“One thing that I really respect about Mark is that he takes the time to talk to each and every person who goes up to him after a conference. He doesn’t just shake their hand and sign their book, and then move on to the next person. He asks about their life and encourages them in their particular area of ministry, and he uses their names. Mark is just as much of a blessing before and after his conferences as he is during!!”