Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

“You have been blessing myself and others I visit at jail in Elk River, Minnesota these past 3 yrs and now at the jails in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. We have a couple “faith-based” classes (about 100 men) and God is opening doors for the men “to have purpose” when they get out. Through your ministry we’ve seen hunger/fruit from these men desiring to know what “real” Christianity is about. You’re a testimony of this Mark. Thank you. I share your DVD’s and they listen. Tonight we heard part of the You Are Here for Two Reasons DVD.  At the close, I asked the men what they thought?  A resounding acclamation of “MORE!!’ by the 36 men who were present. May this encourage you, Mark. Your teachings and example shine brightly by the Holy Spirit. May God bless you and the “calling” He’s placed in your heart. No rusty swords.”