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Crawling Over Broken Glass

Oct 16, 2020


I read this article the other day and liked the logic that David, the writer of the article, was using. But the line of his that stuck out to me the most was, “Although I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, I would crawl over broken glass to vote for him in 2020.” 

You can read about his turnaround here:



There are always some good articles at The Federalist that will get you thinking. You can find them at the link below:



Always remember: Lost people all around you. Don’t let them get away!!

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P.S. Here is another article I found about the recently released CDC report that discredits the efficacy of masks at the same time CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, dismisses the efficacy of vaccines in favor of masks. You do realize what this is telling you, don’t you? They have no clue what works and what doesn’t. It also tells you they’re guessing. And they’re playing with millions of lives as they do.

Jordan Schachtel


P.P.S. And you must watch the following video showing how this CDC controversy heated up. In covering this CDC blunder, Tucker Carlson of Fox News also included the damage control statements released by the CDC early last week. Even though the CDC would like to erase the glaring contradiction between their director Dr. Robert Redfield and their report, the facts remain and speak volumes.