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Blessing Guatemala

Dec 12, 2023


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have to read this email we received and take a look at the pictures because they have to do with you:

Hey, Mark!!

I had the privilege to return to Guatemala with a new shipment of Bibles and literature. I had a few Spanish cases of your books on the shipment. I once again distributed them at the large seminary in Guatemala City. We call it SETECA.


On Saturdays, students travel from all over to attend for the day. Most of them work throughout the week and live outside the city in rural areas. I made small packets for each student, which included your books and lots of tracts and evangelistic resources. These students are always so grateful to receive these resources. One of the students who received a packet came back to tell me that his professor had told him and all his students, “If you ever have a chance to receive the Cahill books, do so.” The professor later sent me a message asking for more copies to share with all his students. Unfortunately, I used them all in the packets, but I got his information for the next time I return to Guatemala, Lord willing!!



     Your generosity toward the ministry helps us bless missionaries with materials. We have had some great success with the Spanish books in Guatemala, Cuba, and other Spanish-speaking countries. We get them the materials they need, and your generosity pays for the printing and shipping of these materials.

     Thank you so very much, and thanks for blessing the people of Guatemala!!

Until the Nets are Full,


P.S.   What a nice comment we received a few weeks ago from Jane, who had just read our book Paradise!


Giving people a copy of Paradise makes it easy for them to consider their options when it comes to eternal matters. Presenting truth in a compelling yet non-coercive way leaves them face-to-face with their need to make peace with the Lord. To help you connect with others and give them the gospel, we have discounted our book Paradise by 20% off the normally suggested donation. You can pick up copies at the following link. Keep serving the Lord with your whole heart this holiday season!





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