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Anywhere Outside Your Front Door

Mar 7, 2022


Do you ever make assumptions? We all do. Have you ever been wrong about those assumptions? We all have.

Speaking of assumptions, here is an interesting email I received from Bruce:

Hey Mark,

As you point out in your various pieces of evangelism literature, we ought to be praying for divine appointments every time we leave the house. This also includes every Sunday when we go to church. But, I’m not talking about a chance encounter with someone at a convenience store or the homeless person we might drive by on our way to church. NO. I’m talking about our fellow church attendees!! “What?????” one might say. “Those people are already ‘saved’ because they attend church!!” WRONG!!!!!

What has been gnawing at me for some time now was confirmed at church the other night. The witnessing fields are just as fertile there as they are on a street corner or in a convenience store.

A few nights ago, we had an unusually small turnout for our men’s Bible study―it was me and two other guys. At the Spirit’s prompting, we went ahead with the study and finished with thirty minutes to spare. I then asked those two men the following questions. You might recognize some of them, Mark :

Did you grow up with any spiritual beliefs?

One was baptized in the Methodist church and the other in the Catholic church. Both men identified themselves as baby Christians.

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? When you die and cross over, what do you think is on the other side?

Both men believed in Heaven, but one struggled with the existence of Hell and the other thought there was a “holding place” (he didn’t use the word Purgatory) that God sends people for a short time to pay for whatever bad they did on earth.

Who is Jesus to you?

Neither man could give an answer as to who Jesus was in terms of His role in salvation or Him being their Savior. Yikes!!! Both said He was the Son of God but didn’t know what that meant. It truly was four to five minutes of guessing. We were running out of time, so I basically gave them the answer and prayed with them. When I talked about God sending a perfect blood sacrifice in the form of His Son as the payment for our sins, they both had that “deer-in-the-headlights” look on their faces.

This happened just two nights ago, and I’m still trying to process it.  They also thought that by “coming to an evangelical church,” they had things figured out. My intent is to follow up with each of them over lunch. 

God clearly showed me two things that many churches, including mine, don’t do a great job, week in and week out, of proclaiming and reinforcing “The Good News.” I also learned that if you’re praying for divine appointments, start on Sundays by looking in your own church!! The harvest is plentiful.

I will give them your booklets tomorrow at church. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I need to always carry a couple of your booklets with me to church. Thanks for your materials and all that you do!!

Bruce M.
Clearwater Beach, FL


Remember to go out into the highways and the byways to talk with the lost. Where is that? Anywhere outside of your front door. Anywhere.

Until the Nets are Full,



P.S. Can you imagine being a foster kid in Arizona and hearing this?? Can you imagine being one of his foster kids and hearing say this said about you?







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