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Age of the Earth

Oct 13, 2018


     Evolutionary science tells us the earth is billions of years old, but the Bible and the evidence tell a different story. To understand these issues, we need answers that are not filtered through academia and the world. Once those worldview “lenses” are removed from our eyes, a startling and clear picture of creation emerges.



     I watched this video the other day and was surprised to see such great information presented in one place. It really got me thinking about how Christians never need to think of themselves as second class “scientists,” so to speak. Little do we know that we have both science and the Bible on our side.

     Dr. McMurtry of Christian Worldview Ministries tackles some fascinating questions:  Can precious stones and metals be made in hours instead of eons? Do the polar ice caps reflect seasonal rather than ice age cycles? How can cave formations take decades and not ages to form? And how is so much evidence missing from the layers of the Grand Canyon if they are millions of years old?

     These issues hit the heart of our existence: Are we the result of a cosmic accident, or the special creation of God? Is humanity merely a higher animal form without purpose and design, or have we been created to enter into a special relationship with our Creator?

    I really think you will enjoy this video and the material that is presented. It is well worth your time to click on it. Evolutionary thought is stealing people’s eternities, and this video will give you an arsenal of weapons to destroy its foundations and wake up the lost to the truth of the Bible.

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