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Ten Questions from the King (Case)

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Ten Questions from the King is our newest book! Packed with insights and tips for walking closely with Christ and sharing truth with others, it examines ten of the questions Jesus asked and why He asked them. The results are intriguing.

Jesus used questions with His disciples, the religious leaders of Israel, and regular people to bring them face to face with their personal convictions in the light of eternal truth. We can do the same.

See how Mark’s real-world evangelism finds him in conversation with a man who thinks he’s on his last of 8.4 million lives. Or the Jewish atheist professor who teaches religious studies at a Christian university! And the questions people ask Mark are surprising as well.

This book is perfect for a Sunday school class, small group discussion, personal study, or for reading front to back. It contains eleven weeks of material with questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate meaningful discussions for any sized group.

As with all of Mark’s books, this one is his same enjoyable and conversational style, which so many have come to love and appreciate. His exceptional knack for making profound truths simple will leave you thinking about life and eternity long after you have finished the book.

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