Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

Testimony Time


Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!

Periodically, we send out testimonies of Christians who are putting their faith into action.  They serve as reminders for all of us to be living up to our high calling in Christ. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these short testimonies from regular people just like you!


Jesus Save Me! Help Me!

Read the fascinating account of Michael and how he found himself on the bring of death. God is faithful to answer prayer and rescue in our hour of need. Read more….

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 Beth-Nesseth-and-grandkids 1

Grandkids Go Witnessing

Two grandmothers take their grandchildren witnessing in downtown Grand Rapids. How did the people they gave tracts to receive them? Did these kids sweeten the deal for them?  Did those who received tracts return the favor?  Read more….

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Movie Set with Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been in Atlanta filming recently. Normally, he doesn’t like to give interviews, but when offered a One Heartbeat Away book, something interesting happened.  Read more….

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We Care Where You Spend Eternity

Some friends of the ministry like to witness to celebrities. Recently, they had a fascinating encounter with Dave Chappelle, of SNL fame, at Atlanta’s Tabernacle.  Read more….

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Kathleen in the SLC Airport

Not everyone hears voices, but those who do can easily mistake it for the voice of God and then seek to spread these false communications to others.  It’s been done by many people in the past.  This story highlights the importance of testing everything by the Word of God. Read more….

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Pastor Umar Mulinde

Listen to this moving 9-minute video where Umar Mulinde tells his story about being raised Muslim, leaving his faith, becoming a Christian, and later being doused with acid by Muslims.  Read more….

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A Consultant from Northern Ireland

“Life wasn’t always so clear-cut for me, and like any other teenager, I was loaded down with questions and more questions about life. My home was a loving home with Godly parents who not only taught us from the Word of God daily but displayed their Christian faith in their everyday actions. What I’m saying is they walked the talk!…”  Read more….

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 Atheist Security Guard Turns Christian

“There was a time in my life where I literally questioned everything. When I was younger I was a hardcore atheist. I was a huge fan of TJ Kirk and all the other internet atheists. I just couldn’t, in my head, comprehend how anyone could believe something so absurd as an invisible God who created everything. I not only didn’t believe in God, but I tried to disprove that He existed….”  Read more….

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Christmas Shopping at the Thrift Store

“While we talked to her, we found out that her husband recently lost a leg due to disease, she has had three trachea surgeries and cannot talk more than a whisper, her seven-year-old granddaughter has died, and her daughter needs a heart transplant…. She said she had a lot of anger with God right now. I asked her if we could pray for her. She started crying so hard….” Read more….

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