Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.



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Walking in Truth

Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!

Periodically, we send out verses as reminders to be living up to our high calling in Christ. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these short teachings from the Word of God!



Erin Philpott

At the age of 16, Erin Philpott has a gift for writing poetry. Sophisticated call to be a watchman on the wall for the lost and the slumbering.

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Plank in our Eye – Romans 2:1-4

Verses like these make us stop and examine ourselves. Is our life tightened up like it should be?

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The Faith of Abraham – Genesis 15:1; John 17:3

As you continue reading through your Bible from to back this year, you are going to run into some amazing verses!

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