Eternity is rushing towards us.
You and everyone else must be ready.

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Periodically, we send out announcements with interesting current issues or teachings from various Christian Ministries who are helping Christians stand for truth. We hope you will be encouraged and strengthened by these messages that we have included below for your learning. nd their ministries!

Thank you for your interest in Mark Cahill’s teachings!



Two Centuries of U.S. Immigration

This fascinating video shows how God is bringing the world to America where Christians can give them the gospel. Everyone can be a missionary in their own communities without traveling across the world.

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Pastor Umar Mulinde

Listen to this moving 9-minute video where Umar Mulinde tells his story about being raised Muslim, leaving his faith, becoming a Christian, and later being doused with acid by Muslims.

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This Shack is on Fire

Is the book The Shack fiction, allegory, doctrinal truth, or something else? Comparing its statements to the Bible will make clear the false position of Wm. Paul Young’s “universal reconciliation” views.

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Brigitte Gabriel

Have you ever wanted a quick overview of Islam’s history? Internationally renown speaker Brigitte Gabriel sums up the 1,400 year history of Islam in a few short minutes!

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Maafa 21

The history of black America includes the dark past of abortion, eugenics, and more. This fact-packed documentary is riviting and compelling. God has created all life, and all life is to be cherished.

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